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Rancho Santa Fe Pool Leak Detection

pool leak detection rancho santa fe

ranch santa fe pool leak detection


Signs you may have a leak:

  • Pool, spa or fountain has air in the system
  • You see cracks in the pool, spa or fountain
  • The deck of the pool is sinking or raised
  • There are wet spots around the pool area
  • You add water more than once a week


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Is your water bill high? Do you have indications you are losing water in your pool, spa or water features? Then Give us a call at Swim Care Pool Services. We offer a hybrid approach to water conservation using highly sophisticated pool leak detection equipment. We leave no stone unturned and give you a fool pool leak detection report for your pool or spa in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. If a leak is found we will submit a formal proposal for that pool leak to be repaired.  Call us Today to schedule a pool leak detection analysis. 858-888-5955

There are 100’s of ways your pool could lose water. First you need to determine if your pool is leaking at all.
Some signs you can look for:

  1. Automatic Water Leveler (filler) is continuously running. If that’s the case you could have really high evaporation rates at the moment (in California it could get up to 3/4″ per day) but most likely you have a leak.
  2. If you don’t have an automatic water leveler and your pool level goes down every day more than the evaporation rate. (normally less then 1/2″ per 24h)
  3. You are losing salt and or stabilizer from your pool water and you have to keep adding it.
  4. You wake up one morning and your pool is half empty, you should check your backwash valve or your equipment as this would indicate a large brake in the pipes.

A leak detector would like to know how many “inches” of water your pool level is going down in 24 hours. You can measure this by accurately marking the water level on your tiles and checking the difference with a tape measure the next day (in 24h). If the leak is smaller then 1/4″ in 24 hours it is very very hard to find. In most cases it is not worth looking for. You may end up costing your self a lot of money and your pool is not even leaking.

I had received many phone calls saying: “I have a pool leak, the pool is down 3 inches.” The question is in how many days? If you lost 3″ in a week and the evaporation is 1/2″ per day, you don’t have a leak. You just forgot your water filler in the off position.

A common phone call would be: “I feel like I am adding more water to it then I should.”
Hmm…again – measure it.

An accurate way to measure would be to compare the evaporation rate to the pool water loss rate. Here is how you do it:

pool leak detection

pool leak bucket test

Fill a bucket with water and place it on the first step in the pool. Mark the water level near the top of the bucket on the inside. Then mark the pool level on the outside of the bucket. Always make sure to have more water in the bucket as this would be added weight. In 24h measure the evaporation loss in the bucket and the pool water loss on the outside of the bucket.

1 – If they are the same, great, NO LEAKS.
2 – If the Pool lost more (over 1/4″ difference), YOU PROBABLY HAVE A LEAK.
3 – If the bucket lost more water then the pool did, YOUR BUCKET IS LEAKING or YOUR DOG DRANK WATER FROM IT or YOUR POOL FILLER JUST BROKE and is overfilling the pool.

NOTE: Rain does not effect the test as the same total gain in the bucket would be in the pool too. The deck is normally built slanted away from the pool.

For a pool and spa combo, or if you have a negative edge or waterfalls, this method may not work well. Read more about it here.



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