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How Often Do You Need to Replaster a Pool?

While having a pool is amazing in the hot sunny seasons, pools require ongoing maintenance and cleaning for people to be able to enjoy them properly. Some aspects, such as cleaning and replacing filters and pumps, are fairly routine, whereas other tasks may only be needed every few years. One such example is pool plastering.

What Is Pool Plastering?

It helps to understand what exactly is needed when you’re searching for “pool plastering near me.”

Regardless of the type of plaster, all pools will need plastering or resurfacing at some point. A pool’s finish is porous, meaning that, over time, it absorbs water. To keep pools in perfect condition, a new layer of plaster is added to all surfaces (sides and bottom).

Experts in pool care, such as Swim Care Pool Service, drain the water from the pool, strip away the tiles and old plaster, and put in a new surface.

How Often Should a Pool Be Replastered?

On average, most pool owners have their pools replastered every ten years. There’s no hard and fast rule, however, and you may find that your pool needs resurfacing sooner. On the other hand, you might find that you can wait longer before needing significant pool maintenance.

What Shows a Pool Needs Replastering?

There are several tell-tale signs that it’s time to think about contacting a pool plastering company.

If there are many surface stains in your pool you may not be able to remove them. As well as making your pool unsightly and uninviting, stains usually indicate that a resurface is due. Similarly, if the plaster is discolored, the pool generally needs to be replastered.

Don’t be tempted to try and remedy discoloration issues with inexpensive pool paint. It might look great in the short term, but the results will only last for a couple of years at the most. Eventually, the paint will wear away, flake off or dissolve and make the water murky.

Noticeable peeling or flaking of plaster also indicates problems with the existing plaster. Known by pool professionals as spalling, this can only be remedied with a replastering job.

Cracks are rarely a good sign in or around a pool. Whether you spot small web-like cracks in the plaster or larger cracks in the pool’s structure, you should contact a pool servicing company for advice. Don’t ignore cracks in steps or in-built seating areas either. As well as cracks you might also notice that your pool is losing water faster and that you need to keep topping it up more frequently.

Even if you can’t see a problem, if you feel uneven surfaces when walking in your pool (or when touching the sides), it’s likely almost time to think about a replaster.

Essentially, plan to have your pool replastered at least once every decade, sooner if you spot any issues.

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