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Pool Structural Staples & Structural Crack Repair San Diego

Get your pool and concrete cracks repaired! We offer structural crack repair for swimming pools with Torque Lock Pool Structural Staples. You can contact us at 858-888-5955 anytime, we’re happy to help. #TorqueLockCrackRepair #SwimmingPools #Pools #ConcreteCracks #PoolCracks #PoolLeaksRemediation #StructuralCrackRepair

In pool construction, concrete pool manufacturers use an overlay in order to create patterns or in order to maintain the pool. This overlay must be able to withstand daily wear and tear in addition to pool chemicals, so it is important that pool structural staples are used in conjunction with pool overlays in order for the pool structure to last.

Pool structural staples

These pool structural staples are used to fix pool structural cracks in swimming pool concrete. Concrete is an excellent building material, however, it is porous by nature which makes pool overlays susceptible to pool chemicals and pool structural damage.

Pool Structural Staples

The most vulnerable pool overlay is the colored overlay because the colorant is made of dye mixed with water which can absorb into the overlay, pool stains are pool structural cracks that have formed due to pool chemical damage.

Pool structural crack repair

These pool overlay cracks are normally between 1/32″ or less in width, but pool stains caused by pool chemicals can be very deep and lead to the pool structure being compromised if not fixed. Structural staples are designed specifically with this pool problem in mind. While they are generally meant to be used for pool structural crack repair, pool structural staples can also be used to fix pool stains.

Pools are usually filled with pool water within a few hours of having been constructed. As soon as the pool is full of pool water, it is vulnerable to pool chemical damage due to minerals in the pool water interacting with the pool overlay. Even pool stains caused by pool chemicals are generally worse after pool water has been added. Pool structural crack repair is needed to maintain pool structure integrity.

Pool structural crack repairs can be done in several ways, however pool structural staples are the most popular because they provide a more lasting solution for pool structures compared to other methods of pool overlay repair, including pool stains.

How do staples work?

Pool structural staples are used in pool construction to fasten pool overlays and pool structure together, they have sharp points which cut through the overlay material in order to pierce the pool structure beneath it in a similar fashion to nails or screws in wood. These pool structural staples cannot be seen once installed in pool structures because their points are hidden beneath pool overlays.

Pool structural crack repairs are needed to protect pool stains from forming due to pool chemicals, pool structural staples are an excellent choice of pool overlays repair because they provide lasting protection for pool structures without compromising on appearance. Pool structural cracks can be repaired quickly and efficiently with pool structural staples in order to prevent pool stains from pool chemicals.

For more information on pool structural cracks, pool stains, and pool structural staples repair give us a call at 858-888-5955 to book your appointment today.

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