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Muriatic Pool Acid Wash & Its Drawbacks in Keeping Your Pool Free of Microbes

As mainstream consumers of gym and apartment complex facilities, many of which have pools installed on their premises for gym members or residential use, many times the people using them for exercise don’t know what they are getting themselves into. This issue relates to the process owners use to clean their pools before they can be re-entered.

Get The Dirt Out: The Muriatic Acid Wash Solution

Utilizing muriatic pool acid wash, an acidic compound that disinfects and removes any impurities from pools’ surfaces, is the most widely used way that pool cleaners use to thoroughly clean a swimming pool but it’s not the only way. Because acid wash is highly corrosive and highly dangerous to the environment some property owners have looked for alternatives.

Are There Any Alternatives ?

These substitutes come in the form of phosphoric acid, a gentler acid that gets the job done just as effectively as traditional muriatic acid but with 10x less risk to the pool environment and the people who would be using it. The substance removes grout, rust, and other residues that would affect the quality of the water in the pool without the harmful fumes and corrosive nature of the muriatic acid wash.

Other alternatives that do not require the use of chemicals to clean pool surfaces are mechanical cleaning as well as moss cleaners if you’re looking for a natural solution for getting the dirt and mildew out of your swimming pool. Mechanical cleaning requires cleaning services, like Swim Care Pool Services, to use mechanical equipment to manually scrape away the grime accumulated on the pool’s walls. However, if you have a freshwater pool rather than the more popular chlorine pool on your property then you may like the natural moss option. Moss eats up any algae or bacterial cultures that may have grown unnoticed to the naked eye leaving the water purity within the pool maintained to a high standard. Our San Diego-based Swim Care Pool Services provide customers with all the above options and more by way of additionally repairing any leaks that may occur as a result of prolonged use.

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Additional Safety Measures If Clients Want To Use Muriatic Acid Wash For Themselves

Here is an electronic PDF copy of the Muriatic Acid Material Safety Data Sheet if facility owners would like to use muriatic acid for themselves. It describes the hazards of using the substance if handled improperly, such as burning of the eyes and skin irritation. Safety precautions are also addressed. Wearing rubber gloves and full-protection goggles is a must in that case.

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