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Finished skimmer replacement

One of the services we offer is skimmer replacement. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to do this difficult job with very little mess or inconvenience for you. If you need professional full pool service then schedule your service today. Call (858) 888-5955 to learn more today.

concrete pool skimmer replacement

skimmer replacement

skimmer repair

pool skimmer replacement

This was a really good project. Tough with the matching in rock slate stone.

skimmer replacement project

Skimmer repair start to finnish

Underground Water Leak Detection Company

Pleasure testing your pool lines to check for leaks.

With our pool leak detection equipment, there is no need to empty the pool, saving $$$ on your water bill. Here we are pressure testing and pinpointing underground pool return plumbing leak. A pool inspection is a critical part of the home buying process. We also offer pool maintenance and repairs. Give us a call. Serving the greater San Diego area, we are your one-stop pool inspection service.

Here are some pictures of before and after the leak repair

poo leak detectionpool leak jobpool plumbing leakleak near pool copingleak next to pool coping plumbingpool plumbing repairerleak repair after pictureleak repair finished job

Fiberglass Pool Structural Leak Repair

San Diego Torque Lock Staple Kit

Torque Lock Structural Staple Kit

Old Crack Repair That Didn’t Work

Fiberglass Structural Pool Leak Repair

Structural Pool Leak Repair In San Diego

On this particular project we were called into fix a reoccurring structural pool crack in the bond beam and behind the pools fiberglass shell. The material appeared to be mini pebble, but once we saw cut the area out we were surprised it was a thin layer of fiberglass. We installed our torque lock structural staple kit into the crack. We torqued it down to correct specifications by the manufacture. We tried to reach out to some local fiberglass pool remodelers to try to match the current color as best as possible. We didn’t have much luck so we improvised and came up with a good solution for the homeowner who was eager to get water back into the pool. If you have any questions about structural cracks in your San Diego area pool shell. Or think you may have a high water bill due to a potential leak in the swimming pool. Maybe even the swimming pool plumbing needs a leak repair then please reach out to me to discuss options to help save you money today.

How to find the source of a water leak in your pool

Does your swimming pool lose water overnight? You have a leak. That is nothing to fear Swim Care Pool Services in San Digo, CA can solve your problem fast and at a competitive price. Call us today for a free estimate and to schedule your appointment for fast leak repairs. We work all around San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, North County and more. Call 858 888-5955 or reach us at any of our available channels.


so what we have found due to the location of the pipe and the customer not wanting us to dig we have run a camera down into the pipe as you’re going to say we have made it opening in the pipe with us running the camera down we have fished it so we’re able to locate a cracked fitting as you can see within this

Leak repairs that are fast. Leak repairs that are cheap. Leak detection that is reliable. Swim Care Pool Services gives you all this and more. What more could you ask for? Contact us today to schedule your appointment immediately.

San Diego Pool Leak Detection

Pool leak detection underground

Swimming pool return line leak

Swim Care Pool Services leak construction

Underground swimming pool leak construction

Swimming pool leak detection can be a headache for homeowners in the San Diego area. With loss of water from your swimming pool comes higher water bills. When customers reach out to Swim Care Pool Services we explain the leak detection process and scope with them. Sometimes finding major underground swimming pool leaks is more than just a one visit process and you have to dig under the footer of a concrete slab or wall. There is logic, methodology and experience involved in determining and pinpointing swimming pool leaks. Call us today if your swimming pool is losing water or you need the swimming pool construction and plumbing fixed correctly.

Pool Calcium Removal in San Diego

Swim Care Pool Services offers professional pool and spa calcium removal services for San Diego residents. High calcium buildup on tile and rock water features is a result of high TDS – total dissolved solids levels in your pools water and the overly high mineral content in San Diego’s water supply. You can see from the video link above and the before and after photos how the end result looks after our professional pool tile cleaning system has been used on this pool and spa calcium removal project in San Diego. We utilize a combination of methods depending on the circumstances and then we choose the appropriate method to resolve the issues of calcium buildup. Call today for a FREE estimate for pool and spa calcium removal services.

Pool & Spa Calcium Removal Services

Nice & Clean Pool Glass Tile Cleaning

San Diego Pool Autofill Leak Repair

Pool Autofill Leak Repair

San Diego Pool Autofill Underground Leak Repair

San Diego Pool underground Autofill Repair on main water feed line.

On this particular project we went out to the customers house ahead of time. Pressure tested all lines in the pool system and they held pressure. Indicating there was no issue with the Pools underground pool plumbing network. We then moved onto the main feed line for the Pools auto fill system. It did not hold pressure. So we used an electronic listening device to pinpoint underground where exactly the leak was. This is done so we know exactly where to cut the concrete / stone deck to find the broken pipe and fix it.

Call Swim Care Pool Services Today For Underground Pool Leak Repairs 858-888-5955

San Diego Pool Pressure Testing

On this particular pool pressure testing project, we were asked to locate a leak in pool fountain. We used a pressure testing device and held 35 psi in each line on the pool fountain network. The lines tested well and held for the required 15 minutes per leak detection code. 

Pressure testing plumbing pipes

Pressure tested fountain plumbing pipes

Our crew noticed that the main issue this particular pool fountain was experiencing was a structural crack in the foundation of the shell. We were able to resolve the issue by: pressure washing the fountain, acid washing stains, locating the structural crack, grinding the crack and lastly installing a torque Lock staple kit to ensure the crack wouldn’t worsen over time. To finish this project off, we used hydraulic cement on the Staple area and refilled the fountain, the carefully placed the plants back into the fountain. 

Structural pool leak fix

Torque Lock staple kit to repair pool leak

Salt Cell Cleaning Importance

So many times I get calls from new pool customers in San Diego about their salt cell system not working. This is mainly due to a few reasons. The salt cell is not being properly cleaned every 90 – 120 days as recommended by the manufacture of the pool salt cell. The pools salinity is not in the correct range so it isn’t producing chlorine as it should to keep your pool fully sanitized. With a little bit of patience and basic understanding this can be accomplished. The down side to not keeping up on your maintenances is you will have to replace the pool salt cell system much more frequently and it will cost you more money in the long run, and we all hate to waste money!

Jandy pool salt cell system installation

Dirty pool salt cell

Pool salt cell installers

Clean pool salt cell

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