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North County Pool Leak Detection

Water scarcity in southern California is a big concern for pool owners. Shortages mean you simply can’t afford to have to refill your pool on a regular basis. Pool leak detection services from Swim Care Pool Services are the most effective way to ensure that your pool isn’t wasting water.

If you have even the slightest concern of a leak, a pool leak inspection from our professionals will quickly soothe your concerns, either by discovering the leak or by assuring you that your pool doesn’t leak.

North County Pool Leak Repair

If we do find a leak, our professionals have the tools and skills to repair it quickly and affordably. The majority of leaks can be repaired immediately upon discovery. If your leak requires more extensive repairs, you can be certain that we will mitigate it as we can during the initial visit, even if we need to repair it at a later date.

Don’t let a leak in your North County pool slowly drain your wallet. Call Swim Care Pool Services today. 858-888-5955

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Certified pool inspector. Offering swimming pool leak detection and repair. Our experts find the leak in your pools plumbing system and provide fast, efficient, and quality repairs

4203 Genesee Ave #103-446 San Diego, CA 92117
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