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Pool Skimmer Leak Repair

On this particular project we had used our highly sophisticated leak detection equipment to pinpoint one structural leak in this customers pool. We also located a bad skimmer box for the pool that had shifted with the movement of the earth. It’s very common in Southern California and swim care pool services understands how to locate these underground leaks. See in the photos below on this project how we were able to blend the color of the concrete with the previous color dye. This was one of the customers concerns since we had to saw cut the entire skimmer box out. We also noticed there was a structural pool leak in the old skimmers throat. 

Pool skimmer installation in San Diego before:

Pool skimmer repair in San Diego Swimming pool skimmer leak fix
Pool skimmer installation after:

Skimmer installation San Diego
At the completion of this project we were able to blend the color San Diego buff with a deck that was over 10 years old and it turned out very nice. Swim care pool services highly trained masonry crews will do 100% quality work on every job and we guarantee it. Call swim care pool services of San Diego today if you suspect water loss in your pool or you just aren’t confident with your current pool repair company here in San Diego, Ca. 858 888-5955

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