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San Diego Pool Replastering & Remodel

This job took place in beautiful San Diego. We were contracted to fully strip the old pool plaster and reset the slanting flagstone pool Coping. The pools mastic was also redone to protect moisture from getting in between the coping and the pool deck. We also had worked with the home owner on a nice turtle inlay look on her newly mini pebbled pool finish. The job went awesome and we finished it off with adding a salt water chlorination system from Pentair pool products. It’s very important when remodeling any pool that we pressure test all the pools suction and return lines to verify the integrity of them and assure that there is no underground pipes leaking in the pool systems infrastructure. This gives the home owner piece of mind that there is indeed no pool leaks and that they aren’t wasting unnesesary water. The final mini pebble was shot and we started filling the pool within a few hours. The project came out great and everyone was happy! 

Pool remodeling in San Diego

San Diego pool plaster

Pool construction in San Diego

San Diego pool remodeling

Pool resurfacing in San Diego

Mini pebble pool resurface

San Diego pool resurfacing

Stripped pool for remodel in San Diego

Mini pebble pool surface

Pool remodel San Diego

Pool construction with a valley center theme

Valley Center Vinny

Yes.. the turtle in Valley Center, California really did give us the idea on the inlays we used in the pool. Thanks buddy. 

Pool Solar Panel Installation

We were called out to replace four leaking solar pool panels on a a customers roof in San Diego. The current pool solar panels had been repaired and patched several times, but were just at there lifespans end. We special ordered in four new 1.5 inch 4×10 pool solar panels for this pool solar repair. Now the customer is able to heat the pool again for free with use of a working pool solar system. Our solar panels come with a 10 year no hassle warranty. 

Pool solar repairs and new solar installation

Pool solar panel repair before

Pool solar heating panels

New pool solar panel during install

Heating pool solar panels

Pool heating solar panel installation after

Pool Coping Repair San Diego

On this Pool Coping repair in San diego, we removed and reset some loose pool flagstone coping. The flagstone was coming loose from age and mortar breakdown. We removed the old flagstone, cleaned the bottom surface and reset with a new platinum mortar we use for pool tile and coping applications. Lastly, we color matched the grouting in between the individual pieces of flagstone on the pool Coping. We were able to blend it fairly nicely to match the current aged grouting color. 

Pool Coping and flagstone repair in San Diego

San Diego pool flagstone repair

San Diego pool and tile Coping repair

Repair to pool Coping San Diego

Flagstone pool repair

Completed flagstone coping repair to spa

San Diego Torque Lock Staple Pool Repair

Torque Lock structural Staple Pool Repair

San Diego Pool Structural Leak Repair

On this particular job we were called out to fix a structural pool crack in a gray plastered pool for the homeowner. We drained the pool, prepared the area, then cut out sections along on the crack and set them in place with epoxy. What this does is help the pool structural crack to not move anymore. It’s held together by the torque lock staple system which is a great tool for us pool contractors here in California. The torque lock system is good for the following applications:
Torque Lock™ Staples are applicable to:




Torque Lock™ Repairs:









So if you are worried you have structural issues with more than just your pool or your pool deck please give us a call and we can help you solve your issues of structure separation. 

Rancho Santa Fe Pool Solar Repair 

On this particular pool solar repair project we had a leaking pool panel on the customers roof. What was happening is the panel was worn from age, and not secured properly so during wind storms in rancho Sanata Fe it would shake loose. The pool was also losing water as a result when the systems filter was running. We installed a new pool solar panel and resecured the new solar pool panel so it wouldn’t move anymore during the high winds. 

Solar pool leak repair

Rancho Santa Fe Solar Pool Leak Repair

Pool Solar Leak Repair in Rancho Santa Fe

Completed Pool Solar Leak Repair in Rancho Santa Fe

La Jolla Pool Skimmer Leak Repair

On this particular repair in La Jolla, Ca we were called in to detect an underground pool leak a customer was having. They were experiencing major water loss from there pool system. We conducted pressure testing on all of there pool system underground plumbing. We found the issue at hand to be a break in the skimmer line underground on the pool. We jackhammered the old pool skimmer out and replace the new pool skimmer in with rebar and encased with concrete. We also cut the tile on the patio to match when we were complete with the La Jolla pool leak repair and new skimmer installation in La Jolla. 

La Jolla Pool Skimmer Repair

La Jolla Pool Skimmer Leak Repair

Skimmer Repair

Skimmer Installation in La Jolla

Pentair Pool Automation Upgrade

It was a Great Day for another successful Pentair Pool Automation Installation.

The following pool automation project is one that took place in Oceanside, CA.

Pool Automation Before:

Pool automation upgrade
Pool Automation After:

Pentair pool automation upgrade
This was a very nice pool Automation upgrade from a hybrid pool system using Hayward and Compool pool automation. We used a Pentair EasyTouch upgrade for the legacy compool automation system with a Pentair Screen Logic 2 web interface for mobile devices. The reason for the upgrade was to give the homeowners total control over their pool automation system needs. After the upgrade they could control all of their pool features, spa features and spa jets, pool/spa lights, valves and pool chlorine production from their Pentair IC40 salt cell system. This amazingly now all can be done by the touch of a finger from their iPhone or android mobile devices. We also installed an upgraded 4 circuit EasyTouch indoor control panel for in house system changes.

The owners of the house at this particular project wanted a good variable speed pump, so swim care pool services installed a top of the line trade series Intelliflo 2 VST variable speed pump from Pentair pool systems.

The current pool filter was a Hayward Diatomaceous Earth pool filter. The homeowner who cleans his filter frequently, wanted to have a cleaner system installed to avoid the messy and health hazardous DE from his pool system. So on this particular job we installed a Pentair Clean and Clear 420 pool filter. Yep, problem solved! No more messy and health causing concerns over the old Diatomaceous earth pool filter. Oh, and it looks a whole lot sexier too I might add.

The current pool salt chlorine generator was a Hayward T Cell system and wasn’t working to produce chlorine for the pool to keep it well sanitized for the homeowner. We upgraded the old Hayward pool salt system with a new top of the line Pentair Intellichlor salt cell system. The customer now has piece of mind that their pool is indeed producing chlorine to keep the pool optimally sanitized.

Unfortunately, The last pool equipment installer didn’t install a check valve on the return side before the pools salt system. The problem with not installing a check valve is that when the pool equipment turns off, the chlorine that sits in the salt cell can flow back and corrode your heating elements and exchangers in your pool heater. This has a negative effect and gives you less life out of your pool heater. By installing a check valve in these everyday setups we save customers thousands of dollars on a $100.00 item, yes it’s a no brainer for sure!

Lastly, we upgraded the customers old incandescent pool lights in the pool and spa with the highly innovative and efficient Pentair Intellibrite 5G underwater color LED lights. This upgrade gave them several color choice options to set that special mood.

Call today for all of your swimming pool needs: 858 888-5955

Pool Automation Installation in San Diego

Just imagine sitting at dinner and wanting your pools spa to be turned on, and hot for you to arrive home in the evening. San Diego Pool Automation

At Swim Care Pool Services this can be brought to life. We have been installing pool automation systems for San Diego homeowners for years. We are fully trained on Pentair pool automation, Jandy pool automation, and Hayward pool automation systems. This is very important when selecting a company for a big project like installing a new pool automation system or having your existing pool automation system repaired. One of the most common questions I get asked from current customers or new customer call-ins is “how can I control my pool system remotely.” Once I explain the process to the customer they are shocked their pool guy never explained how this awesome, cutting edge technology feature really works. When your pools automation system is setup and installed correctly by one of our certified pool automation technicians, this technology really is seemless with minimal upgrades or maintenance. If you are thinking of installing pool automation or just have general questions about choosing the right automation system then give us a call. We would love to hear from you. 858 888-5955

Pool Skimmer Leak Repair

On this particular project we had used our highly sophisticated leak detection equipment to pinpoint one structural leak in this customers pool. We also located a bad skimmer box for the pool that had shifted with the movement of the earth. It’s very common in Southern California and swim care pool services understands how to locate these underground leaks. See in the photos below on this project how we were able to blend the color of the concrete with the previous color dye. This was one of the customers concerns since we had to saw cut the entire skimmer box out. We also noticed there was a structural pool leak in the old skimmers throat. 

Pool skimmer installation in San Diego before:

Pool skimmer repair in San Diego Swimming pool skimmer leak fix
Pool skimmer installation after:

Skimmer installation San Diego
At the completion of this project we were able to blend the color San Diego buff with a deck that was over 10 years old and it turned out very nice. Swim care pool services highly trained masonry crews will do 100% quality work on every job and we guarantee it. Call swim care pool services of San Diego today if you suspect water loss in your pool or you just aren’t confident with your current pool repair company here in San Diego, Ca. 858 888-5955

La Jolla Jandy Pool Heater Installation

Jandy pool heater installation before:  La Jolla pool repair

Jandy pool heater installation after:

Swim Care Pool Services of San Diego has qualified and trained Jandy Pool Systems certified Heater Installers. Our trained pool repair technicians perform thousands on new or existing pool heater installations annually in San Diego County alone. We have experience with all legacy Jandy heaters, the newer HI-E2 low nox energy efficient heaters, jxi and lxi commercial pool heating systems. See above photos of a recent project in the beautiful La Jolla area of San Diego County, California. We are here to answer any of your pool heating questions in a timely and professional manner. Call Swim Care Pool Services today: 858 888-5955

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