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Pool solar heating repair

In San Diego county, we get many calls for pool solar panel and pool solar heating repairs. We can sometimes patch the pool solar panels for a quick inexpensive repair. On other occasions we must replace the whole solar panel or multiple pool solar panels to get the job done correctly. 

In other cases, we have to repair vacuum releases and solar sensors that are old and dry rotted. We also install new solar system from scratch and install or upgrade our loyal clients pool automation systems to work in conjunction with their pool solar heating systems infrastructure. If you are looking for the right company with the proper expertise please give Swim Care Pool Services of San Diego a call today: 858 888-5955

San Diego Pool Leak Detection

San Diego pool leak detectionSwim care pool services works on many pool leak repairs in the San Diego area. In order to properly diagnose when a pool leak repair is needed, we first need to make the proper leak detection equipment is put into place. Once all pool leak analysis has been completed and we have determined where the exact pool leak is occurring we can mark the exact spot for proper completion. 
Swim care pool services treats every pool leak detection as a whole. We pride ourselves on not overlooking any possible leak areas in pools, spas, water features or negative edges. We guarantee all of our work and stand behind what we do. It’s a simple concept that goes a long way. Please give us a call to chat today. 858 888-5955

La Jolla Pool Leak Repair

Pool Leak Detection & Pool Leak Repair in La Jolla.

pool leak repair

Pool Leak Repair in La Jolla, Ca


Pool leaks in La Jolla are a very common occurrence, especially with earth shifting and earthquakes in southern California. The end result is water loss from pool leaks or structural pool leaks. When poo leaks occur it doesn’t save anybody money or our lands most precious asset which is water! When this happens, its very important to choose the right contractor for the job. With Swim Care Pool Services we are fully licensed with the state of California and have the correct insurance and bonding to protect our valued clients. In addition to this aspect we have a hybrid approach to pool leak detection with some of the best leak technology in the industry. Every job we perform is different in its own manner. We take a “think outside of the box” approach on the bodies of water we are testing and take every scientific method to determine what the underlying cause of the pool leak is. We then are able to work with the customer to provide a scope for a resolution to fix the leak in stead of just guessing we actually pinpoint the leak location using electronic listening devices. Please call us today for a consultation @ 858 888-5955.



La Jolla Pool Leak Detection

pool leak detection la jolla

la jolla pool leak detection

by: Jeremy J. Mondell – Swim Care Pool Services


Today Swim Care Pool Services tested, the pool, spa and auto fill valve water networks on one of our great customers in La Jolla,ca. The return side and suction side for both the pool and spa held at 5-7 PSI for 10-15 minutes. Swim Care Pool Services tested the pools main drains with our electronic listening device and heard no indications of main drain leaks. The pools dedicated auto cleaner line was pressure tested and held a consistent 5-7 PSI over 10-15 minutes. Swim Care Pool Services also tested water rise and loss using a leak analytics device, old technology refers to this as a bucket test that takes 24-48 hours to perform.  Swim Care Pool Services also dye tested in several areas around the skimmer boxes and the pool and spa light fixtures, we heard no indications of water leaving the pools return network while performing this test. Swim Care Pool Services of San Diego cut out a faulty ball valve over at the equipment pad for the auto fills main water feed line. The current one was faulty and the water was not shutting off as a result. Upon further observation on the pools auto fill, we found that the auto fill was cockeyed and not vertical as it should be. It could have moved in the past do to faulty construction of the original builder. The auto fill box per technical instructions are supposed to be filled with sand around housing so they do not shift or move without natural weather condition causes, earth movement, etc. The pool auto fills 1” inch drain pipe was also clogged resulting in the water returning to the pool through the 1.5” inch equalizer line. Filling the pool and exiting over the wall by the pools automatic pool cover. Until further notice, now that the auto fills ball valve is now working we have left the valve shut to save unused water until a repair is agreed on. Swim Care Pool Services recommends having the irrigation company test and look at all irrigation stations for any other possible leaks on the premises. We also recommend replacing or fixing the current auto cleaner, it is not working correctly.

download La Jolla Pool Leak Inspection below:

la jolla pool leak detection sample

We give you more than just a few sentences for your hard earned money. We give you a complete and thorough job on your pool leak detection in la jolla. Don’t waste anymore money, we use high end equipment for our high end clients. Call us to start saving money today on your water bill. 858 888-5955

Jandy Pool Heater Repair

jandy repair san diego

Jandy Warranty Service San Diego


Swim Care Pool Services of San Diego is a Jandy Warranty station. Jandy is the leading manufacturer of pool equipment including pumps, in-floor cleaning systems, filters, heaters, heat pumps, controls, chlorine generators, valves, cleaners and lights. Swim Care Pool Services can repair any Jandy equipment problems that are under warranty at no cost to you. Jandy manufactures the best pool products on the market today, and their products rarely break down. If they do, we have got you covered.

At Swim Care Pool Services, we have a strong commitment to quality. We spare no expense in the pool service of your backyard paradise. All of our technicians carry a full supply of chemicals, a full set of repair tools, and a full compliment of parts for the Jandy brand of pool equipment. It is our mission to provide you with the most professional and knowledgeable Jandy Warranty pool service and repairs possible. Call us today for a consultation: 858 888-5955

Pool Leak Detection & Leak Repair – San Diego


pool leak detection and repair

pressure testing pool leak detection san diego

How Do we Begin to find a leak in your pools plumbing system that’s costing you thousands of dollars on your water bill, especially in San Diego, Ca? It’s very simple to answer in fact. Here at Swim Care Pool Services of San Diego, we use a multi point system to save our customers time, money and more MONEY! One way, and a very common way we detect leaks is through Pressure testing the lines on the pool or spa equipment to help locate your pool leak in San Diego.

Swim Care Pool Services never forgets that Pressure testing equipment establishes the foundation and backbone of our San Diego pool leak detection equipment arsenal. It is crucial for two important steps in the leak detection process: First to determine if a section of plumbing is or isn’t leaking, and secondly, to assist in pinpointing the exact location of the leak if one is identified.

Swim Care Pool Services is utilizing a Pool Leak Detection Process & Equipment that was perfected over 25 years ago and is a long lasting, dependable and versatile system that enables us to test most plumbing lines without cutting pipe. This system, built around the straight-sided “Pool Leak Detection Plug” has become the industry standard for our professional leak detectors at Swim Care Pool Services. We offer a full line of pool leak detection repairs in San Diego.  Contact Us Today to Start saving money on your precious wasted water here in beautiful Southern California.

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Article by Jeremy J. Mondell of Swim Care Pool Services Inc.

San Diego Pool Tile Cleaning

Before tile cleaning 
After tile cleaning

san diego pool tile cleaning
On this recent project we were able to rejuvenate this San Diego homeowners pool step tile. It was installed in the 1980’s. I think the end result for this San Diego pool tile cleaning project turned out very well. Please call us today for a free estimate for pool tile cleaning services in the San Diego area. 858 888-5955

San Diego Pool Re Plastering

san diego pool remodels

Pool Remodels in San Diego

A Pool is a lifestyle!

At Swim Care Pool Services, we understand that a pool does more than just beautify the exterior appearance of your home.

It’s a place to create memories, where you and your friends and family gather for social events or San Diego Charger Football Games.

It’s your personal place to escape to after a stressful work week. Yes, a great place to get away from your nagging boss!

It’s the place where you realize the true benefits of living in Southern California.

That’s why our exterior remodeling specialists work with you to craft a design that offers everything you’re looking for – including a wide assortment of Mini Pebble, specialty man-made products, bricks, pavers, tile, special finishing, coping, Mastic as well as custom water features for your pool or spa. In addition, we can offer you a wide variety of pool and spa automation systems. Call Us Today For A Free Estimate: 858 888-5955

San Diego Pool Solar Installation & Repair

san diego pool solar installation

San Diego pool solar installation

Solar Pool Heating San Diego


Increase your swim season by as many as 4 months! If you’re ready to extend your swim season in your Metropolitan San Diego home, talk to Swim Care Pool Services about having a pool solar water heater installed today. Thanks to pool solar panels heated by the sun, you will be able to swim a couple months before and after the current swim season.

San Diego Pool Solar Water Heater Benefits from Swim Care Pool Services

Swim Care Pool Services is proud to provide Metropolitan San Diego homeowners with an environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to heating your pool. Pool Solar water heaters are an eco-friendly water heating solution you can feel good about, in addition to providing savings on your energy bill. Let the professional technicians install a pool solar water heating system with pool solar panel(s) in your home today. With years of experience, affordable prices, and in-depth knowledge on the solar industry, you can count on us to handle all of your pool solar water heater needs.

Some of the benefits of choosing Swim Care Pool Services include:

  • Ability to Sell, Service, and Install Pool Solar Water Heaters
  • Over 126 Years Combined Experience
  • Knowledgeable, Professional Technicians


san diego pool solar experts

San Diego pool solar experts


Swim Care Pool Services can also send skilled technicians to your Metropolitan San Diego home to service and repair pool solar water heaters and replace pool solar panels as needed. Call Us to setup an appointment: 858-888-5955.

Contact Swim Care Pool Services

Talk to Swim Care Pool Services about our pool solar water heaters today. Call (858) 888-5955for more information. You can also reach us with questions about pool solar water heating, our pool solar water heating systems, and pool solar panels through our Contact Us page.




Swim Care Pool Services just finished on a complete pool remodel. We finished the pool with a Mini Pebble finish and redid the pools mastic. The Pool was all redone with new pool and spa tile. We upgraded the current customer to Jandy pool automation with a new breaker SUb Panel and wireless IQ20RS internet access to remotely control their pool equipment. We installed a new Jandy JXI 400 BTU Gas heater, Jandy CL Series Filter and PLC1400 Salt Chlorine Generator. We topped it off with a Jandy Trade Series Exclusive Variable Speed pump to help the current owners to save on their electricity bill. Please see the before and after photos of the job.



















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