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Escondido Pool Leak Detection Services

Does the water level of your swimming pool look like it is dropping? A slight drop should be expected, but if it is enough that you are noticing it after a few days, there is a good chance that your swimming pool has a leak. Now all you need to do is find and repair the leak. That is where Swim Care Pool Services comes in.

Swim Care Pool Services has been a top-rated provider of swimming pool leak inspection and repair services in Escondido for over three decades. Our technicians are all highly experienced and equipped with the best leak detection and repair tools on the market. We discover and repair leaks quickly and at a reasonable price.

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Swimming pool leaks are something that simply can’t be ignored. If you have any reason to suspect a leak, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment. An inspection today can save you plenty of money in the future. 858 888-5955

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Swim Care Pool Services
Certified pool inspector. Offering swimming pool leak detection and repair. Our experts find the leak in your pools plumbing system and provide fast, efficient, and quality repairs

4203 Genesee Ave #103-446 San Diego, CA 92117
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