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Pentair Pool Automation Upgrade

It was a Great Day for another successful Pentair Pool Automation Installation.

The following pool automation project is one that took place in Oceanside, CA.

Pool Automation Before:

Pool automation upgrade
Pool Automation After:

Pentair pool automation upgrade
This was a very nice pool Automation upgrade from a hybrid pool system using Hayward and Compool pool automation. We used a Pentair EasyTouch upgrade for the legacy compool automation system with a Pentair Screen Logic 2 web interface for mobile devices. The reason for the upgrade was to give the homeowners total control over their pool automation system needs. After the upgrade they could control all of their pool features, spa features and spa jets, pool/spa lights, valves and pool chlorine production from their Pentair IC40 salt cell system. This amazingly now all can be done by the touch of a finger from their iPhone or android mobile devices. We also installed an upgraded 4 circuit EasyTouch indoor control panel for in house system changes.

The owners of the house at this particular project wanted a good variable speed pump, so swim care pool services installed a top of the line trade series Intelliflo 2 VST variable speed pump from Pentair pool systems.

The current pool filter was a Hayward Diatomaceous Earth pool filter. The homeowner who cleans his filter frequently, wanted to have a cleaner system installed to avoid the messy and health hazardous DE from his pool system. So on this particular job we installed a Pentair Clean and Clear 420 pool filter. Yep, problem solved! No more messy and health causing concerns over the old Diatomaceous earth pool filter. Oh, and it looks a whole lot sexier too I might add.

The current pool salt chlorine generator was a Hayward T Cell system and wasn’t working to produce chlorine for the pool to keep it well sanitized for the homeowner. We upgraded the old Hayward pool salt system with a new top of the line Pentair Intellichlor salt cell system. The customer now has piece of mind that their pool is indeed producing chlorine to keep the pool optimally sanitized.

Unfortunately, The last pool equipment installer didn’t install a check valve on the return side before the pools salt system. The problem with not installing a check valve is that when the pool equipment turns off, the chlorine that sits in the salt cell can flow back and corrode your heating elements and exchangers in your pool heater. This has a negative effect and gives you less life out of your pool heater. By installing a check valve in these everyday setups we save customers thousands of dollars on a $100.00 item, yes it’s a no brainer for sure!

Lastly, we upgraded the customers old incandescent pool lights in the pool and spa with the highly innovative and efficient Pentair Intellibrite 5G underwater color LED lights. This upgrade gave them several color choice options to set that special mood.

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