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Blowing out skimmer suction line clogs

Summer is fast approaching, and like many pool owners, you’re probably looking forward to taking a refreshing dip on a hot day. Part of pool ownership is keeping it clean, free of debris and dirt that can spoil the experience. Your pool skimmer may be one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in your pool, but when it’s not working, the water can quickly get dirty!

We’re looking at the best ways to blow out skimmer suction line clogs, and noting when it’s best to call an expert.

Blowing out skimmer suction line clogs

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How Do I Know if My Pool Skimmer Line is Clogged?

When we’re talking about pool lines being clogged, we mean the suction lines, the ones that help pull water through the skimmer, and not the return lines, which are fed with clean, filtered water, and therefore aren’t vulnerable to being clogged.

There are a few indications that you have clogged lines:

  1. The pool pump is surging or pulsing, which should be noticeable and possibly noisy. If you’ve ruled out air leaks in the lines, then the pipe itself may be clogged
  2. The skimmer basket s clear and the water level in the pool is fine, but the water intake into the pool has stopped or slowed
  3. The pump is unusually loud, but the pressure from the pump is still low. This indicates that the pump is having a hard time creating the vacuum suction to pull water in

Steps To Cleaning Pool Skimmer Lines

  1. Safety first when working with your pool equipment! Unplug the skimmer pump from your outdoor outlet, and make sure that the area is secure. Be sure to turn off the power to the motor, too, to prevent an accidental start
  2. Remove the lid, placing it to the side. If there are screws in the lid, make sure they’re secure
  3. Check the interior for sharp objects, or even animals. Over time, larger objects may be stuck inside it
  4. Pull the skimmer basket out by the handle and discard the trash
  5. Check between the basket holder and the skimmer wall for more debris
  6. Run a plumbing snake into the pipeline of the skimmer until you reach a significant bump or clog. You can try to push the snake by it, but it won’t budge, then you’ve found the problem
  7. Once you’ve found the clog, wind the snake to break up the clog. You may need to do this more than once if the clog is bigger
  8. Remove the snake and discard the debris
  9. Reassemble the skimmer basket, lid, and other parts
  10. Reconnect the pool pump and begin filtering. There may be a sudden surge of water after the clog is reviewed

Professional Pool Line Cleaning

If you aren’t able to DIY the clog removal, you’ll need the services of a professional clog removal service. Pool plumbers use specialized equipment, including tiny cameras to investigate all the plumbing lines for your pool. Often, professional pool plumbers can remove all clogs, even smaller ones that you may not notice on your own. If you’re having difficulties unclogging your pump lines or if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, give us a call today!

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